Simple JUCE (C++) wrapper



I have been integrating the Sensel Morph in a lot of different JUCE projects lately, and I thought I could make it a bit faster with a simple wrapper. It is just following the provided sensel examples. but allows for multiple sensels in very few lines of code.


I made it for myself and the students at the university I am working on. But, I thought I would make it public and share it here as well :slight_smile:



Thanks Niko!

I’m a bit newbie and don’t know what compiler I should use or if any extra downloads are needed. I have Visual Studio, how can I make your example run?




You need JUCE (a C++ framework for audio and graphics) and visual studio (2015 or 2017). Link to download the JUCE framework here:

There are many tutorials on how to get that working, check them out on the JUCE website.

After you get JUCE working, you can clone the test branch on the git repo, open it in projuicer, select your preferred VS version, export and open the project with that and it should work.
You need to manually set the amount of sensels you have connected before, though.
I haven’t tested this on windows, so please try it out :slight_smile:

I would like to write some documentation, but I don’t have time right now :slight_smile:.
Also, you can find the documentation in the sensel API and in JUCE.



Thanks Niko!

I went through the procedure you described and got a little closer! First I had to enable/uncomment the sensel_serial_win.c, then I disabled/commented sensel_serial_linux.c.

But Visual Studio gave me alot of errors, here’s the complete list:

I can’t even find a DLL-file? I’m completely stuck right now… Can’t make it work


wow, okay, looks like you have a lot of errors, I’m sorry about that :slight_smile:
Looks like it is having trouble with finding all of the sensel stuff. So there could be many potential bugs.
It is hard for me to figure out, since I use mac…and I haven’t tried to work with the sensel on windows.

Maybe, try to install the sensel library as stated in the sensel API (for windows) and include the library header in the sensel wrapper class.
Else, try find where the bug occurs, maybe comment out all of the sensel stuff and see if the JUCE app runs.

I will get around trying it out on windows, but I don’t have time currently sorry. Maybe in a couple of weeks.

You can make an issue on the github repo and we can try to solve it there.



I can run the official Sensel examples, and it’s the same code so…
Do I need to change any project settings for it to work? It’s actually only one error, the DLL import doesn’t work. No success in googling this error, the solutions I found weren’t many and they didn’t work.