Win Quick Guide To Making Some Noise?

Just got my new Sensel and wondering if there’s any opensource or something in Win10 that I could use to start making some sounds? I did see the list of software but most seem for mac and/or $$$.

Anything in Win or opensource I could install to get rolling quickly??



I installed it and it just crashes on my win10 setup. Ugh.

Does Vital have some easy presets, etc for Sensel or should I keep looking around?

What DAW are you using? You won’t find much “for sensel” anywhere. Just MPE. Try the Roli list (

I’m not using anything right now. I got this as a gift and am trying to just get things up and running (per the lovely demo/video). Wanted to get it working with the diff pads and hand it over to a few kids/students.

I am on Windows 10
I don’t how I did it (I am a newbie at pretty much everything), but I have Morph working with Vital standalone. But when I use VItal and Morph with Reaper DAW, there are problems with spinning circles and “program not responding” error messages.
I enabled MPE under Vital’s" advanced" tab, using Morph’s preset 1. I can use Vital’s midi learn function to point Morph towards parameters on a vital preset.
After a few weeks I really don’t know what I am doing with either Vital or the Morph. Bumbling along with trial and error. But wanted to mention that in standalone Vital, Morph is working on unaltered presets.
Arturia Analog Lab 4 Lite also works for me.
Good luck

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