Getting the delta values


I am using the sensel and JUCE(C++) to play and control physical models made for sound synthesis.
Should the delta values be the velocity of a contact while moving, or am I misunderstanding the API?

Currently, I am checking for each contact and getting the values.
I am trying to get the delta_x and delta_y from the sensel API (by redefining the CONTACT_MASK_DELTAS macro), but it gives me bad values.
Specially, the delta_y is only updated when a second contact is made.


Hello, thank you for contacting us. Make sure to enable deltas using senselSetContactsMask. By default, only CONTACT_MASK_ELLIPSE is enabled, but you can turn on both by sending CONTACT_MASK_ELLIPSE | CONTACT_MASK_DELTAS into set contacts mask.

Nice, thanks a lot for the quick reply!