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Here a link from my prototype: the Ystring.


Nice!!! I can’t tell - is there any pressure/continuous control beyond just a trigger? It seems really responsive and precise, well done!!


Thanks. Apologies for bad english, i’m french.
Yes it works pretty well. Maybe you don’t see there’s a Joué Instrument down.
Well i could have send messages with the two Sensels for vibrato.
I have cut Joué Instrument rubber pads to make a fretboard and it’s very responsive.
I could have make lines as strings, but it would have benn like a fretless instrument. So, no chromatic glissando if so.

Bienvenue Yann. Montréalais ici.

Really curious about your use of Le Joué pads. Brilliant idea. How do you get them to stay in place?

This is an attempt to make a real midi or MPE controler for guitarists :two Sensel morph and a Joué instrument on two pieces of wood. Under the left hand we have a large neck ( 70 mm). It is polyphonic per strig and can be used with real strings. I call i the Ystring…

SO COOL @Yannseven ! When we created the Morph, we hoped to enable creative projects just like this. Can’t tell you how happy this makes us!

If you’re willing, we’d love the original video file so we can share with our large community on Instagram. Feel free to email it to if that’s of interest!

Let us know if you have twitter, instagram, or facebook profiles, as well, so we can tag you.

Several questions…

  1. are you a Chapman Stick player?
  2. how do you merge the signals from 2 Morphs into 1 computer (or ipad?) Simply going through a usb hub?
  3. what is Joué pad you used to creat your ‘strings’. I’m not familiar with that but it looks like exactly what I need. I want to do this to create a virtual Chromatic Button Accordion layout.

Thank you!

Ah… Joué, the rip off. :wink:
Still, the pads look useful.

Hi, i’m a guitarist and this instrument is tuned like a regular guitar.
I use a USB hub to connect the 2 Sensel morph and the Joué Instrument, and it works well, with few bugs sometimes.


You say it’s 2 Morphs and a Joué connected to a USB hub? I was under the impression that you were using a Joué overlay, but that the only active components were the Morphs. Is the Joué actually involved actively in the generation of the sound? Interesting!


As i said, i use the joué for additional controls.
But i coud have put them on the morph. Both Sensel and Joué are fantastic controlers. And the linnstrument too. But they are mainly designed to be play flat on a table. Guitarists wants to close their eyes when playing or improvise. They want to keep their left hand muscle memory. It’s more comfortable to play chords and solo, with both hands too…

Thanks for the continued explanations. I guess my confusion comes from the fact that you have what looks like a Joué overlay on the Morphs, and I thought that that was the only Joué -related thing in your instrument. But now that I look closer, at the very bottom edge of the video I see glimpses of an actual Joué, attached to the very bottom of the Ystring. Aha!


Hi Matt, sorry for the delay for my video, i’m sure now i can post it tomorow to share with the community
I’ have a project to make this controler in a comfortable guitar or stick form factor with Joué Music Instruments.
I know without the Sensel and Joué this project couldn’t be feasible. Pascal Joguet knows how to tune the matrix surface in a musical way. If you have suggestions, i will be happy to discuss with you.

Hello Yann

So that I understand, it looks like you are using Morphs with Joué overlays, not the actual Joué instrument, n’est pas?

I’m trying to understand the role (if any) that the Joué controller plays in your instrument. It looks like you have one below the 2 Morphs, but I’m not sure what function it performs? ‘Mod wheel’, or is it somehow in the signal path between the Morphs and the computer?

Thank you very much!

Yes, joué overlays cut in pieces. The Joué controls volume pitch or vibrato wich could have been done with the morph.

Hi there - I have been trying to create something similar - is it possible for you to put a link to your Morph code here too?

A few detailed questions:

  • Can you slide along each “string” (i.e re-triggering each “fret” note)?
  • Are you using a different MIDI channel for each “string”?
  • Can you bend a “string”?

Looks interesting…

Yes you can slide or vibrato. But i turn the morph upside down and the pitchbend is inverted, because the morph can only pitch up from left to right With a fretless layout ( the Joué fretless layout) you can slide in Mpe.

I made a first prototype with the innovator overlay with strings and it works: slide, bend…

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