Anyone attempt to make a tactile guitar fret?

I’ve been looking into how to develope a string fret overlay that could be strummed/played like a guitar> Any thoughts out there?

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The first thing I imagine is taking a flexible sheet and attaching a series of small vertical strips (say, 1/2" high) to it. When strumming these “strings”, the pressure as each one is stroked should ideally be transferred through the flexible sheet to the bare surface of the Morph. Use the pressure display in the Sensel app to see whether it looks like this pressure would be enough to isolate which string is being stroked. If it looked promising, it would probably then take some programming with the Sensel SDK to filter the pressure data to make it reliable.

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Great idea!
I think there are 2 aspects here: detecting the touch on the fret board and detecting the “string” vibrating.
The 2 sensors together enable string muting, string release, etc, that a guitarist is expecting (I am a guitarist myself…).
I would imagine a morph-like sensor on the fret board, but I would utilize another sensing mechanism for the string plucking (real string with pick up ?). The former would dictate the pitch/vibrato/bending, while the latter would produce the dynamic (pluck/release/mute).
More ideas may flow …

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