How to configure up/down scene?


I assume that scenes are extra pages of the same overlay, so how do you set up the controls for all the extra scenes ?


So this forum is a waste of space right ?
Does anybody from sensel even read it ?


Hello, sorry we missed your post on the forum. If you ever need faster support, feel free to reach out to us at On the Music Production Overlay, Up/Down Scene modify the note sent from the 4x4 pads by 16 up or down. This allows you in the DAW to set up different samples for each 4x4 region of the music production Overlay. Separately we also have an up and down program that works with some DAWs to modify the patch. You can find some more about the control types on our guide (

Additionally, our newest Overlay (Buchla Thunder) will have 9 Presets and the ability to switch between those presets on the fly.


Yeah your manual doesnt cover scene up down, so how do i configure what it moves up n down, i mean if i am making my own studio controller mapping, and i add them in, will they be auto moving the pad notes up n down ?
how do i decide what they move up n down in my own mappings ?


Currently the amount you move is not adjustable. For the 4x4 MPC pads, up/down scene moves the pads up/down 16 note values. For all other midi notes, piano keys, MPE, XYZ, etc, use Up/Down Octave to move all of the MIDI notes on that overlay up/down 12 values. The Up/Down octave applies to all notes on a Overlay (except the 4x4 MPC pads).

We have received several requests to allow for adjustable shifts and will include this in our list of potential future features.