Link Octave Up/Down to Channel?

I’ve created what I feel is the ideal controller for use with BeatMaker 3, which includes a 4x4 grid of pads and a full 2 octave keyboard. The 4x4 pads are channel 1 C1 thru D#2, and the keys are channel 2 C3 thru B4 (might add C5, idk). I’ve got buttons for octave up and down, but I only want those to affect the keybed, not the 4x4 pads. I have two separate buttons mapped to CC that I map to page up/down buttons in BM3. These two sets of buttons work to do what I want, the page buttons switching up and down in banks of 16 pads, and the octave buttons switching octaves for the keybed, but the octave buttons also affect the pads. I can learn to live with this, but I would love it if the pads didn’t change notes. I honestly don’t care how it’s done, whether it be complex linking of buttons in the editor or a way to link the octave up/down buttons to a specific channel. On my novation launchkey mini mk2 the pads are always on channel 10 and always the same notes, and the octave up and down buttons only affect the keybed. Sure, if I wanted to purchase and carry two morphs, this wouldn’t be an issue, but I’d really rather do it with one morph and one overlay!

Thanks for the feedback here Ron. Really does sound like a great controller for BeatMaker 3. We’ll add your suggestion to the queue, especially since we’re seeing more and more folks use the Morph with BeatMaker.

I’ll be happy to beta test :wink:

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