Setup as XY Pad in Cubase?

I got the Morph earlier today and have been taking it through the paces. I’ve set it up successfully, adjusted the piano template to make all sliders, imported a few others from the forum – got the basics figured out I think.

However… I cannot figure out how to make an XY pad work in Cubase.I’m not sure how to go about it truthfully. I’m able to setup the quick controls one for X, one for Y for the synth itself, set the track for Any midi input, check the MPE checkmark. But can’t seem to figure out how to make the Morph talk with Cubase for an XY track pad.

Any help, tips, links, or experience would be incredibly appreciated.

So after much trial and error and hair pulling I made a work around a few days ago.

Problem: MIDI learn will only pickup the X value on a XY Pad.
Solution: Make a CC template with individual button for X, and another for Y, and another for Pressure if you want it. Then make sure your XYPad has the same CC numbers as the individual buttons.

Now for a better question – why isn’t there a FAQ that addresses this and other issues that people will undoubtedly run into? Seriously – the Sensel Morph has been out for around 3 years and there’s no FAQ addressing simple solutions?

I read the forum extensively while I was working through it and It wasn’t until after I figured it out and went back over old posts that I was able to make sense and confirm what was going on – it’s not something clear, nor stickied, nor FAQd.

Make an FAQ Devs that covers basics, and answer your emails. Sensel is awesome – I’ve been following this for years however the overall presentation doesn’t give confidence which is why its not flying off the shelf, and frankly it should – its an amazing piece of of gear.