How to remove force decay

The sensed pressure steadily decays to ~zero after about one minute. I first observed this with the Sensel App in Visualizer mode. The pressure signature of a placed object slowly decays until it disappears (object not moved, no overlay).

I tried again using the SenselForces example project which tabulates the total force for each frame sample. I placed my iPhone face down with no overlay and recorded the total force. The decay is shown below.

Is there an API setting to turn this off? Hopefully it’s (just) a software issue.


Hello Brad,

Thank you for contacting us.

Yes, there is a way to turn off the force decay (what we call dynamic baselining). You can read the solution and some other fixes if you have any issues on this closed issue on the GitHub:

You can find a primer, advanced primer and all the documentation for the API calls on our Guide:

That did it!