Channel pressure

It could be great if the channel pressure could return to 0 value after a note off, like some other manufacturers.
Now, if the pressure is not at 0 when the note off occurs, the pressure message stay at this value and can cause some problems.
An option into the app could be so useful !

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Thank you for contacting us. We agree this is a useful feature and should likely be the default experience for most customers. We have added this to our list of feature requests. Thank you again.

Channel pressure should probably be sent as soon as a pressure has been changed with or without note on/off. Otherwise we cannot use one surface as a channel pressure sensor and another surface as note number generator/selector.

Hello. Thank you for contacting us. Channel Aftertouch is sent whenever there is a change in pressure. The request in this thread was also to send a 0 after a note off in addition to when there is a pressure change.