I'd like to see a value trigger mode under midi CC button options

The options for a midi button mode need to be expanded to include a few new feature.

  1. Value trigger mode - tap the button and it will output midi CC #20 at a value of 127 (or any other value you choose) every time, no holding until release or toggling, just a straight trigger at any selected value.

  2. A Steps mode - midi CC#20 goes 0-16-32-48-64-80-96-127 and then cycles back to zero after 127.

  3. A joint button style where there are 2 sides to a button, one stepping forward and one stepping backward.

My NI Maschine MK 2 does this and it’s one of the most useful features in their midi editor, so does the Novation Remote SL.

Please add these functions to the morph.

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