In need of more info on how to use the Setting control type in an Innovator's Overlay

Hi, I’ve tried searching in the online documentation (the stuff I know about), here in the forum, and a little bit elsewhere online. So far I haven’t found and answer to my question.

Here’s what I can find about the Setting control type.

The info there is limited and from that I can’t work out how to use that control type in any custom mapping for a type of overlay (say I want to remap a button on the video editor to “change the behavior of [one other button or] the entire Overlay”). Nor can I work out how to do (basically) the same in an Innovator overlay.

Is there somewhere else I could find a more info or a tutorial on how to use that control. Having scanned the forum just now, I see the issue of per-overlay presets comes up a lot. In at least one other thread, the Thunder’s Setting control was cited as a possible solution/workaround. I don’t own that overlay but I went and had a look in the app. This is what I saw (assuming this picture uploads and ends up inline):

The step I’m missing seems to be how I’m use the SenselApp to add the “Set 1-9” controls that I can see at the top when I’m on the Thunder’s screen. Without those, it seems like there’s no list for the “Setting Button” to cycle though and therefore no way to get to other possible behaviors for a button.

Here’s as far as I can get in the Innovator Layout/Map editor:

I’m happy for the answer to be “The Settings control type isn’t implemented fully outside of the Thunder overlay, even though it’s selectable”. I just want to know either that’s the case, or that I’m missing something I need to know to use it (and if so, what).

Unfortunately, I’m probably not enough of a developer to get into the API + Hacking kinda realm. But it would be interesting to hear about those kind of solutions in the replies (if nothing else than to empower those who can, when they search for the same topic).

Hey! Thanks for reaching out. The 1-9 presets are only available on the Buchla Thunder Overlay. Many people have requested adding this feature to the Innovator’s overlay, and it’s definitely something we hope to implement in the future.

Thanks for getting back to me. Is there any other way that the Settings button is supposed to be used, outside of the Buchla Thunder Overlay (i.e. without access to the 1-9 presets)?

The Settings button has a choice of just two things that it can do:

  1. Set the trigger threshold for all the controls to the same fixed amount that you provide when setting up the button. Possibly good for changing the whole overlay to be more or less sensitive. I’m not sure why that’s useful, but there you go.
  2. Reset all the toggle controls such as Pitch, Velocity, and Octave. Good for getting back to a known starting point with the overlay.