Setting up Presets in Innovator Overlay Help

I would like to set up a series of presets like the Buchla Thunder Overlay has for the Innovator Overlay. I cant figure out how it works. If i am using the Settings Button it does not give me the choice of “Load Preset”. Can anyone help me out here pleaase?

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Hi Jens,

The Buchla Thunder is the only Overlay that allows for a series of presets at this time. We will definitely note that it’s something you’d like to see in additional Overlays - especially Innovator’s!


Tanks matt, that would be amazing if this feature could be included in the innovator overlay. i guess it is not such a stretch software wise since it has been alsready done for the thunder. the sensel and the axoloti seem to be a perfect match. i could even imagin a “sensoloti” (axoloti and sensel in one box on longer term.) unlimited possibilties for live perfoming. i would prefere to be able to stay within my own overlay designes though changing scales and chords without changing the overlays.

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+1 this idea. Much needed for someone who doesn’t want to hook up to a PC every time to change overlay functionality.

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