It Doesn't Even Make a Good Paper Weight

I upgraded the Morph firmware to 19.18 and now I can’t even use it as a keyboard on my Android tablets. I have to pound on it to get the keys to register. The threshold is set to level 2 in the app so I shouldn’t need to pound. The graphics overlay still bites on my Windows 10 laptop with the ArtRage demo. There’s no way to move the cursor without getting it very close to the Morph and then it makes little random dots and lines all over the image. I can move the cursor with my Logitech mouse but the Morph stylus doesn’t recognize the cursor position of the mouse and draws in some other random location.

Thank you for sharing your experience, @sandmax_max. We understand your frustration with the QWERTY keyboard. As you’ve noticed, our latest firmware update caused a bug. We’re well aware of this issue and will be correcting it in our next update. I will circle back here as soon as that’s been sent out.

Really appreciate your patience in the meantime.

And here I thought I was going nuts or did something wrong. Thanks for the quick reply. I’ll keep an eye out for the next update.

And I would seriously LOVE to use the Morph with ArtRage on my laptop, so I hope that’s still in the works.

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Have you considered downgrading to the previous working firmware version in the meantime?