Keyboard Slider Range of Keys

I’ve gone through the docs, tried out a few things, and dug through some old forum entries, but I can’t seem to find a way to make a keyboard slider go through a range of keys rather than just two. Maybe I’m just missing it someplace and I apologize if so.

It may seem odd to try and do this, so I’ll explain my use case. I’m using GIMP on a Linux laptop with the Art Overlay and I’d like to make one of the large blue button areas range through the zoom options, and that entails sending keypresses for 1 - 5. (Actually one can also send shift 1 - 5 too in order to zoom in the other direction, but I wasn’t expecting to be able to make that work as I realize it’s more complicated. I’d be happy just to get 1- 5 out of the blue zone.)

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Hello, thank you for contacting us. Yes, it is currently not possible to to send to send a range of keys. We agree that the idea sounds interesting and have added it to our internal list of potential feature. You could remap the buttons at the top to provide this functionality, but I understand that may limit the other features you may want on the Overlay.

Thanks. Yeah, I didn’t think it was there yet but figured it was worth asking. I’m glad you’re considering it as a possible future enhancement; it’d be a great way to do zooming with the GIMP.