[Solved] Piano overlay buttons trigger keys

I don’t know if I just can’t find the right thresholds for the buttons vs keys, but even with the defaults of the piano overlay, trying to press the play, stop, record, and to a lesser extent some of the other buttons results in the keys being triggered instead. The most reliable way I’ve found to avoid this is to do more of a strike on the buttons than just a press. I feel like the key trigger areas could be a couple millimeters further away from the buttons and I wouldn’t miss that space at all. Is this something that can be fixed in firmware? How about allowing users to modify the areas on factory overlays so we could make adjustments like this to suit our individual needs?

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Hello, thanks for contacting us. If you update your firmware (currently 0.19.180, released today), the piano keys have been moved down by a few mm. They should still trigger the whole length of the key but should have less overlap with the top buttons. This will apply to all Piano maps.


Solved, perfect, thank you! =)