Custom overlay, position not accurately detected for midi notes

I’ve tried to make a simple keyboard, with 15 notes spanning the width of the overlay. The keys work out to 14mm width, separated by the gap provided by the Duplicate Area command. Notes are assigned to ascending white keys, starting with D3 and finishing on D5.

It sort of works. The problem is that the keys mistrigger, sometimes giving an adjacent note (higher generally) and sometimes double triggering with the intended note as well as the adjacent higher note. Doing my best to tap repeatedly on the exact same spot in the middle of a key will give different results on sequential taps.My C4 key (7th from left) seems to be most susceptible to the misbehavior

You can appreciate that it’s not possible to play this configuration as an instrument

Firmware 0.16.78
Sensel App 0.16.14 Windows
USB connection


Thank you for contacting us. If you place several smaller areas next to each other, it might help to raise the threshold of all them. This will increase the force necessary to activate the areas, but should prevent accidental touches in adjacent areas.

Also, so you don’t have to change the threshold on each area, you can select all of the areas by holding control or command and then clicking on each area until all are selected. Then, you can change the threshold in all of them at once. In your application, I would suggest about 2.

I hope this helps.