Music Production Overlay - G key retriggering

Hi - new user here. I seem to have an issue with my G key on the Music Production Overlay. The key retriggers very noticeably unlike the others while plugged into USB. I’ve tried uploading different configurations of the overlay to eliminate velocity for the entire overlay and Aftertouch for the key in question but none of these have worked. I’ll test further but if anyone is aware of this please let me know.

Firmware 0.19.212
Sensel APP 0.19.32

Do you mean the “G” note in the 4x4 (cell coordinate 4,3 where the top left is 1,1), or do you mean the “G” on the keypad (fifth from left on bottom row)?

Hi Peter,
the small piano keyboard

I can’t reproduce here. However, I’m curious about your overlay’s backing - is there any material that is caught between the Morph and the Overlay? Is the back pink strip flush with the black? Are there any material defects on the back there?

I’ll check for defects again but didn’t notice anything extreme while debugging. Tried cleaning it but it was already quite clean. Pretty weird. Hope it’s not the morph itself. I can also try making a custom creator map and putting a note trigger there since the other two overlays I got didn’t have much in that area.

Really not seeing anything on the base or the overlay. Tried it with Bluetooth on an iPad and same issue with the key. Crazy how well bt works tho. Will try the custom overlay with the approximate area later, unless you think it is pointless due to some proprietary script for the music maker skin.

Only thing that works to cancel the retrigger is to change sensitivity of that key to above level 3. Level 4 still has a retrigger occasionally and at 5 it seems to be gone completely.

Custom map with Innovators seems to be fine, so back to the Music overlay.

If I convince myself, then there is a bump in the pink strip around the G key. But the height difference is so slight i would need lab equipment to measure it.It also seems the bump is about the same as near the C, D and E key and those don’t have issues.