Music Production Overlay key triggering drum pad

Hi - I am currently making extensive use of the Morph with Gig Performer, and though I’ve mainly used the Drum Pad overlay, I am now switching to the Music Production Overlay for the added control areas.

However, on my Morph (or maybe it’s the overlay?) the “b” key at the top, the right-facing arrow, consistently triggers the drum pad directly below it, no matter how I have the sensitivity settings set on either of them. This renders that key unusable - and I could really use it!

The other buttons in that row do not trigger the drum pads below them.

I’ve gently cleaned both the back of the overlay and the top of the Morph.

Is there anything that can be done about this? I’ve had the Morph for a few years, so I’d imagine it’s well out of warranty. (Plus, there are none available anyhow!)



By the way, here’s a screenshot of the Morph in Gig Performer:

If you just open a MIDI monitor, like from for mac or midiberry for windows, do you see multiple notes triggered when you use those buttons on the MP overlay?

What I hear and see (using the snoize monitor) is that it triggers the last note I play on the drum pads one or more times, then goes back to triggering the pad directly below it. It seems less likely to misfire if I tap it lightly on the far right of the key, but of course in performance I probably won’t have that kind of accuracy!