[Solved]: Thunder Overlay - responsiveless P key bottom half

I usually play with the thunder overlay set to lowest threshold for each key, but i lately noticed that the bottom half of the P key (the pointed part, down from its left corner to the bottom side) in my thunder overlay is not responsive to touch most of the times, and i can’t get any note be played when striking P, unless i make sure to press the top half. This behavior affects only P key, infact: the opposite key on the left © is instead fully responsive through all its surface.
This happens no matter if midi or mpe mode is used and if software or a hardware synth is played: it’s a constant for my case, but in the visualizer the Morph appear fully responsive to pressure with regular and homogeneus sensitivity.
I don’t understand the reason for this, but it affects negatively the playability, as long as i need everytime to make sure to use the right part of the key to get the note played.

Thanks so much for reporting this issue. We are working on a solution which will be implemented in our next firmware update. Appreciate your patience in the meantime!

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Hello Matt!
Thanks for your reply.
After a fine check of every single key responsiveness, i also noticed that sometimes E key retriggers the same note; this is noticeable when playing drum machines or any short attack/release note. This is more like a subtle behavior, but worth to mention.
I actually report these small issues because i truly believe that Morph is a really great instrument, which deserves to reach its really high maximum potential.
I love capacitive keyboards, because i don’t really care too much about velocity, but with the Morph, i’m getting to revalue this feature, as long as it can be achieved even with a slightly different pressure.

Thanks for letting us know, @Federico.C! Really appreciate your constructive feedback here. Excited to hear more from you as you explore velocity and other features.

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Hi Matt!
Thank you! It might not be the first time that someone report this, but i’m experiencing a strange morph behavior with pitch bend pad programming.
I set the lowest value for Midi pitch bend range, then i selected “recenter cc” mode expecting the pitch to move back to the actual key value after release, but this doesn’t happen in any case. Also the pitch rise sounds like jumping from semitones to semitones instead of smoothly glide up or down.
I get this behavior no matter which previous setting for pitch bend is selected in sensel app, and if software or hardware synth is played.
Next is midi morph modifier menu: i tried to use chords toggle mode but apart from seeing two led lights turning up and down, no major or minor chord is played. Am i doing something wrong?
The sustain mode, which i assume it is a freeze mode, does not work too.
I report these issues but it might be that i’m missing something, or maybe these features are yet to be implemented.
Let me know what you think.
I know that the thunder overlay is the latest and the most customizable overlay and it takes time to program the behavior for all its features.

Hey Federico!

Thanks for flagging this. We have been aware of this issue as well and are working on a fix that should improve your experience. It’s coming soon - I’ll keep you posted.

Thank you very much indeed!!

Hey Federico,

Our latest firmware update, V0.19.212, includes a Buchla Thunder Overlay Area Fix that should help here. Thanks again!

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It works like a charm!
Thank you very much! You’re doing a really great job with the technical support!
Look forward to hear from you about the freeze mode.
For the pitch bend i found V slide the best sounding one, still needing a recenter cc option, but from another perspective, i’m getting to the point for which in the modular world a different behavior is more desirable.
Thank you very much indeed again!

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Our pleasure, Federico!!!