[Solved] Stuck Pad Due to Overlay Magnets

I don’t recall having this problem before a few days ago, but tapping the third pad from the bottom left on the music production overlay results in a stuck note, evident by the LEDs staying on, which also results in the bottom right quadrant of said pad to ignore touch of any velocity. I’m able to alleviate this by repositioning the overlay magnet under that pad by pulling down the overlay at the top left by a millimeter or two, or also by inserting a post-it note under the magnet. Those fixes are of course not ideal, but hopefully they help describe the problem. There’s a similar effect to the velocity toggle button at the opposite side of the overlay, where striking the third pad from top left will often toggle the velocity button. There’s a similar effect on the piano overlay, where striking the 10th white key from the left (E2?) will either stick the key (evident by the LED), or triggering sustain (full LED bar flash). I have also been able to help the problem by setting these areas with a higher tolerance, but it has to be around 6, which is not an acceptable fix. The culprits are fairly easily visible in the visualizer of the senselapp, showing faint pink bumps where the magnets are.

Hello, thank you for reporting this issue. I recreated the issue and updated the firmware to fix this bug and a few others (currently 0.19.162).

Thank you so much for releasing these firmware fixes so fast! I can confirm this issue is absolutely resolved with 0.19.162!

I’m on 0.19.180 and I’m having this same exact issue with the third pad from the bottom left

Thanks for alerting us here, David. We’re aware of the issue and will be fixing in our next firmware update. We will keep you posted when that’s released in the coming weeks.