Disable magnets

I found to my annoyance that my nice new 3d printed dual octave piano keyboard only works if I remove the magnet on the far right as otherwise the auto layout detection logic seems to get triggered, disabling the inventor’s overlay. This is rather annoying as the fourth magnet is really required to hold the overlay secure.
It works pretty well printed in TPU with a bottom sheet height of 0.4mm printed on a glass plate, which gives you a mirror smooth bottom surface.
Of course the velocity sensitivity problem means that right now its not very useable - this isn’t due to the overlay as I can reproduce even on the bare sensel pad surface - and I sure hope that some way of fixing this is found - I get MIDI notes at velocity 125 and 127 randomly even when gently touching the surface and several other people have reported this issue but there’s no timeframe for when it might get resolved. Bit frustrating as this isn’t a cheap device - I’d really like to be able to get it working the way I expected. Could write some low-level code IF the sensor issue isn’t a hardware one of course. Would be great to get some response on this, guys, I don’t want to be raising a one-star review on Amazon but right now this issue has dragged on rather longer than I think a lot of people are happy about.