Limited number of available mappable areas on innovators overlay?



  1. I am trying to create an overlay for Arturia’s Buchla Easel. I have added areas for its 29 keys and 14 knobs. I can’t seem to be able to add any more areas by clicking “add area” or duplicate" anymore. Is there a restriction on the number of areas that can be used?

  2. Also, it would be great if a set of resizable keyboard key shapes could be added to the layout shapes for easy custom keyboard construction.

  3. It would be nice to be able to easily resize (image “corner handles”) imported backgrounds to better match the mappable area on the layout.



Hello, thank you for reaching out. Yes, we are currently limited to 48 areas. The next update will increase the number of areas but it is still a few weeks away.
We also like the ideas in 2 and 3 and will review them with the team.


Yes, I just found this out when trying to create a two octave piano keyboard. I hope the update is not too far away; this is a pretty limiting situation and I’m rather disappointed. Still, if you have a fix in the works, that’s encouraging.


Is there an update on that update? Its been 5 months since then…


Sorry for the long delay. This firmware update got linked to the release of our new overlay. The firmware is done, we are just debugging the update and making sure the new overlay works as expected. I will say before the end of February to be pessimistic (hopefully earlier). Thank you for your patience. New limit will be 96 areas (as shown in this image)

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An 8x16 grid would be a very likely thing for someone to consider, which would require 128 areas. When someone requests that, what will be the response?



I definitely see the use case but the limit will be 96. If someone needs more than 96, then I would recommend looking at our API or your OSC library that can give finer control.