Morph to MIDI Hardware: Compatibility

A lot of people are interested in using the Morph with hardware, without a computer.
Here are some products that have tested out to work for this! Many of these will need a firmware update from the manufacturer.

USB MIDI to Serial MIDI (5-pin DIN plug)

USB MIDI -> CV (Control Voltage)

USB MIDI host - other

Please let us know of other products that need to be added or need to be fixed. We have worked directly with many of these companies to ensure compatibility.


Hi Peter, what do the iConnectivity folks say about their other interfaces? It’s great that the iConnectMIDI4+ works, but many of us use the iConnectAUDIO4+ and I’m wondering if it’s cleared to work as well. (If you guys need to test it and don’t have one, I can loan you one!)


It should work fine. I didn’t add it because, when looking at their products I saw it as an interface and assumed it would be part of a computer-based setup. However, now that I look more closely, it does have USB Host capabilities. When I spoke to their CEO, he assured me that all the devices that have USB Host share code and circuitry, so if it works on one device it will work on another.

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Phenomenal news, Peter! Thanks very much, I will test it when I get a chance. The iConnectivity interfaces are a lot of work to set up, but they allow for so much flexibility, it will be great to add a Morph to the rig.

To update the Squarp Hermod firmware, go to their firmware page.

I’ve got an IconnectAudio 4+, it works fine with the Morph through a connected hub (as long as the hub isn’t crap)


Just tested the Poly 2 from Polyend and it works great. You will need to update to version 1.06 of the firmware to get pitchbend to behave. If you have old firmware, and you are sending bend data from the Morph, your oscillators will have a really high pitch that is pretty nasty! With the firmware update, all is good.

Tried the 1010 Blackbox sampler at LA Synth Expo last weekend. Plugged in the Morph to the “Device” USB port and I was instantly playing samples! It’s an incredible and portable combination.

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Has anyone tried the Morph with the Teenage Engineering OP-Z? The OP-Z is a USB Midi Host AFAIK, so I’m guessing should be fine, but since you never known with hardware I’d love to have direct confirmation from someone who actually try it :slight_smile:

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