Sensel Morph to 2hp MIDI over USB?

Hi all,

I’m wondering at the possibility of connecting the Sensel Morph to a device that consumes MIDI-over-USB. I have a 2hp MIDI eurorack module ( that takes a Mini USB Type B male input, and have been able to find USB cables that have the right connections to run between the Morph and this module, but there’s talk of such use requiring USB OTG (On the Go) compatibility. Has anyone tried something like this, or am I going to have to break down and buy a cable to find out for myself?

I guess I’m also curious if others have found a solution that does Morph to MIDI using something like a USB-to-MIDI cable (such as

@wendallsan The 2hp module doesn’t provide a host, so it is not possible to connect directly from the morph to that module. You need a device such as listed on our comparability list.

What you would need is a USB MIDI Hub, like or, combined with a USB Hub.

Another option is to use a Teensy 3.6 with a USB host cable and USB Hub, and some simple code based on the Teensy USBHost_t36 > MIDI > Interface_16x16 example.

Or get a RaspberryPi to do this, which seems to be the cheapest solution, although it seems a bit overpowered for the job.

it’s also possible to do this with an IOS device using camera connection kit to usb hub; and plug morph and the 2hp midi into the hub. IOS device is your host, and you can use an app to route midi from morph into the 2hp. I use AUM.

Hosts can also work with the usb midi to midi din cables.

There are some eurorack modules that provide midi host, like the Expert Sleepers FH-2.
The morph can be directly connected in that case.

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