MorphOsc - an open-source utility for OSC control of Resolume and other apps


See for the source code for a utility I wrote that generates OSC messages to control parameters in Resolume and other OSC-controllable apps. Windows-only.


Hello Tim, I am trying to run the morphosc.exe. I copied the LibSensel.dll and LibSenselDecompress.dll into the folder, but all that happens is a window flashes open then closed. Any idea what could be going on?


Run it inside a ‘cmd’ window so you can see any error messages that get printed. Le me know if it prints anything. What version of what OS? 32-bit? 64-bit?


Ok, halfway there… I am using windows 10 64bit

The -l option seems to work, not sure if the -v option did anything, and the {morphosc.json} option says unable to read (see below)

Thanks for your help!

Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.16299.248]
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C:>cd Users\ian\Downloads\MorphOsc-master\MorphOsc-master

C:\Users\ian\Downloads\MorphOsc-master\MorphOsc-master>morphosc.exe -l
Serial port COM3 successfully connected.
Cleared 0 bytes from buffer!
Magic: S3NS31
Found sensor!
Sensel Morph device port=COM3 idx=0 serialnum=SM01173612411

C:\Users\ian\Downloads\MorphOsc-master\MorphOsc-master>morphosc.exe -v

usage: morphosc[-v][-l]{ configfile }
-v Enabled verbose output
-l List all Morphs and their serial numbers
{configfile} Config filename

C:\Users\ian\Downloads\MorphOsc-master\MorphOsc-master>morphosc.exe {morphosc.json}
Unable to read configfile ‘{morphosc.json}’

C:\Users\ian\Downloads\MorphOsc-master\MorphOsc-master>morphosc.exe -v {morphosc.json}
Unable to read configfile ‘{morphosc.json}’



Don’t put braces around the config filename.



Ah, that worked, thanks Tim!

BTW, love that you’re building A/V instruments. I aspire to do the same myself. I’ll post back if I can get this hardware doing what I want.