New Artist Sound Packs

In case you’ve missed it, we’ve released two new (free) Sound Packs recently in conjunction with our Live Artist Talks

NoizeBusters: Timbre Drums: NoizeBusters Timbre Drums for Bitwig Studio 3 is an incredibly creative use of the Morph Music Production Overlay. With samples from Ralph Freund’s modular synths, Bitwig Grid devices, and clever use of the vertical space on each pad, there’s a lot of beats waiting to be discovered in the 16 pad

Sensel - Hugo R.A. Paris Sound Bath: The Sensel - Hugo R.A. Paris Sound Bath set puts timbral composition at your fingertips. Using source material from an ambient sound piece by Paris, we’ve made it a playable, interactive experience on the Buchla Thunder Overlay. Bandpass filters on each slider let you explore the timbres with vertical gesture, while pressure adds a spatial panning dimension. Designed for the Thunder, it will work with any Morph music overlay, or any MPE controller.

Hope you enjoy these!

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