Sound Packs and Sample Sets


This topic is a running thread which keeps track of sound packs, sample sets, and other content useful for making music with the Morph. We’ll have sets for major DAWs such as Logic, Live, Bitwig, Garage Band, Reason, and more. This thread is closed, as it is an archival listing. If you want to discuss the projects, create a thread elsewhere or comment in Splice or Blend.

We frequently release content on the Blend and Splice platforms, which provide version control and hosting for projects in different DAWs. Sometimes we will provide direct downloads in zip format from our own servers, since we realize that not everyone wants to sign up for YACS (“Yet Another Cloud Service”)!


Hip Hop sound set released for Ableton Live and Apple Logic Pro X.
You can get the full sets at Splice for Logic or Live.

If you want a direct download, get the Live pack here and the Logic set here.

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Demo Set using Arturia Analog Lab Lite and Garage Band

Get the Garage Band track at Splice.

This is full track used in the announcement video.


Basic Ableton Live Set
A simple four-channel Live set, each channel is an instrument designed for each music overlay. Get the set at Splice.


Propellerheads Reason Set
Sample setup using Reason, with tracks for each overlay.
Preview and get the set at Blend


Pressure Controls with Bitwig Studio
This is a mapping in Bitwig Studio for using the after pressure CC data to control a synthesizer. Also features the Aalto synthesizer plugin from Madrona Labs.
Get the set from

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