Ableton Scripts for Live 10.1.5


I’m currently running Live 10.1.5 and the scripts for the Morph Music Production Overlay I’ve installed are not successful in operating the transport. It’s been commented before that Live often changes in ways that require script updates, is this perhaps one such case?

Should I be expecting the transport to work? The last comment I can find in the Forum here refers to Live 10.0.3. Has anything changed? If there is a working script, where should I download it from? If the script needs an update, could I please be informed of that here?

Also, I’m using the Live set from here: as an experimental starting point. However, that is dated 3 year ago and seems pretty minimal. I wonder if perhaps a more recent and extensive set might be available.

I’d love to get up and operating will with the MPO. Thanks for what you can tell me.

Yes, transport should and does work if everything is properly configured.
I updated the demo set in our GitHub repo for the scripts to include a track for the Thunder. The installer will get this new set in time. In the meantime, you can download the zip file from GitHub and find the pack in the /Ableton/Project/ directory of the zip.

Refer to our guide for complete documentation

Hi. The Ableton Pack ‘Sensel Live Remote Script Demo Set.alp’ from that file is definitely a better setup than the Splice thing I was attempting to work with before. I was able to load and operate it (to a first approximation, incl. the transport) and it demonstrates some good Morph/Live techniques and is fun as well. Thanks!