Ableton maps not working right?


Just a newbie issue - set up the controller script fine for Ableton but the maps that are coming down with the Sensel app don’t look right… for example

So this MPC example doesnt’ actually assign the cool features though some things are assigned ok… I can remap everything myself but… Is the wrong senselmap file in the App package ? Or am I missing the bus on this ? thanks!


I wasn’t so clear maybe : check out the top row where a bunch of Note On Midi messages are assigned instead of transport control for example… eh?


so in watching the video tutorial ALL the way through I see you do have Midi Note commands controlling transport functions… ? Not sure why it isn’t working for my setup but I guess the senselmap file is fine and I should look to another area for explanation


Sorry for the delay in responding.
Yes, the senselmap definitely works for the transport controls - we use MIDI notes and map them in the script to the transport functions.
The current scripts in our installer are for Live 10.0.5 - what version of live are you using, and do you have the most recent release of the scripts?
Make sure you have “Track” and “Remote” enabled for the Morph in Live’s prefs too.