Overlay Design: Ableton Live 10 Looper control


Here’s a design for a 4 track looper control. This gives control over play, stop, record, overdub, and volume for four Looper instruments, 4 XYZ effects controls, clip triggers for 6 clips, and some simple mouse and arrow key controls for navigating your Live set.

Below are links to the Live set (already mapped to the MIDI controls, the senselmap, and a nicer PNG file that is labeled and colored for printout.

Ableton Looper.senselmap (3.6 KB)



The sensel map is a .txt file that won’t upload even when you remove the .txt suffix from the file. Could you’re-uload the correct map file? Thanks!


Hi gude2000,

Thanks for your message. Sorry, but I’m not able to recreate that issue. When I click the “Ableton Looper.senselmap” link, it downloads the file as a “.senselmap” extension (see screenshot below).

Can you reproduce? If so, which browser are you using?


It’s all good now. Not sure what was happening but it downloads fine. Thank you!


Glad to hear it! You’re very welcome