Overlay Design: Ableton Live 10 Looper control

Here’s a design for a 4 track looper control. This gives control over play, stop, record, overdub, and volume for four Looper instruments, 4 XYZ effects controls, clip triggers for 6 clips, and some simple mouse and arrow key controls for navigating your Live set.

Below are links to the Live set (already mapped to the MIDI controls, the senselmap, and a nicer PNG file that is labeled and colored for printout.

Ableton Looper.senselmap (3.6 KB)



The sensel map is a .txt file that won’t upload even when you remove the .txt suffix from the file. Could you’re-uload the correct map file? Thanks!

Hi gude2000,

Thanks for your message. Sorry, but I’m not able to recreate that issue. When I click the “Ableton Looper.senselmap” link, it downloads the file as a “.senselmap” extension (see screenshot below).

Can you reproduce? If so, which browser are you using?

It’s all good now. Not sure what was happening but it downloads fine. Thank you!

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Glad to hear it! You’re very welcome

can someone share latest map file ?

is this one not working?

I’m going to try it, thanks for sharing.. .

thanks, the live set/ zip link doesnt work