Music Overlay - why can't you map the play/stop/record buttons?

I’m trying to use this with Ableton Live. And the “transport” buttons on the Morph - the start/stop/record buttons don’t appear to send any MIDI signal. And you can’t change the mapping in the morph editor.

Basically, those buttons appear to be unusable in Ableton, because they aren’t transmitting a signal. Super frustrating.

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To clarify - the play/stop/record buttons appear to not transmit a signal that Ableton recognizes.

Hey Jonathan, thanks for the message. Currently, the play/stop/record buttons send SysEx messages to indicate Play/Stop/Record. We are aware that these messages are unfortunately incompatible with Ableton. We’ve received several requests to be able to map this to generic CC events and will likely roll this feature out in one of the upcoming releases. Would mapping the buttons to CC events be sufficient for your requirements?

While other controls can map via MIDI the play, stop, record, left, right, etc controls are all very useful for Ableton Live. So in the meantime Sensel isn’t really useful to me when I have portable controllers that do all this for me and more. I would like to see Ableton support in the future. And I am sure many more would too. It’s one of the world’s most used DAWs so if the Sensel team is focusing on making this a tool for music then support for it is a must.

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I don’t know how far you got with ableton compatability; but, as the MIDI CC works in sensel right now, I’m afraid it won’t be sufficient unless you enable “one shot” cc sending. As it is right now, trying to map CC’s to transport controls, the Sensel will send the cc on both touch DOWN and RELEASE - thereby messing everything up in Ableton :slight_smile:

Would be VERY nice to get that fixed - or to make it optional to send the cc both on down and release.

Hello, thank you for the suggestion. We have added it to the list of potential updates.

How did you connect with Ableton live?. How did you connect it with bluetooth?. I have tried it before but failed. Any suggestions?.

@mariah to get connect the Morph with Live 10, you should download our control script and send the included mappings to the Morph. You can find detailed instructions here: