Setting up Sensel within BeatMaker3

I’ve watched Brandon Rico’s video on setting this up on BM3 but no matter what I do, I can map EVERY macros except the Stop, Record, Play and Loop buttons. Can someone please provide any help here? Do I need to connect the Senel Morph to my desktop computer first and tweak the settings before setting it up in BM3?

By default, the Play, Stop, Record, buttons send out MIDI Machine Control messages - essentially standard messages for transport control, different from notes, ccs, etc. Some programs respond to these, others don’t. It’s rather irritating that a basic standard is not respected by a lot of software, but I digress. It sounds like BM3 doesn’t respond to these, so you’ll probably want to use the SenselApp on Windows or a Mac to remap those buttons to MIDI notes that BM3 can listen to and use as controls for transport.

Thanks so much for the response Peter. I tried changing the Stop, Play and Record values to CC Midi Notes and even when the buttons are pressed, the program doesn’t recognize it. It’s strange because BM3 recognizes every button pressed on the Music Production Overlay except for the buttons on top of the Overlay. None of those buttons register when pressed. Super strange!

I don’t know all that much about BM3, so I can’t advise too much there. One thing that is often missed in the SenselApp is the “Send Map to Morph” button - you need to press that to send any changes you have made to an overlay map. You can also confirm the Morph is outputting with a MIDI monitor of some sort - we have several options listed in our guide.

Thanks Peter. I’ve made sure to press Send Map To Morph but still no help. I wonder if the bluetooth is faulty as pairing it with MacOS has been a real challenge. When my Mac is trying to pair with the Sensel the state of the morph keeps changing from connected to not connected so rapidly then stops trying to pair. How this affects input, I’m not sure but whatever is going on is not normal.