Shift+Record not working....?

Like it says I’m having problems with shift record not working in my ableton overlays that I got off the website. Anyone have any idea what I’m doing wrong?? How do you make sure the shift function is working properly? Also for programming purposes how and where do you program a shift function?

Hey Ben, thanks for reaching out and sorry to hear you’re having this issue.

Have you followed all the steps to install the Live control script? Including (most importantly) sending the included mappings to the Morph? The steps are all laid out in the section of the guide below.

Let me know if you’ve taken all of these steps and are still having issues.

Yep just did everything again gor the second time including reinstalling rh firmware and updating… That helped with some functions but not the arrangement record. Also shift button tends to latch on and play low g# until you press it again a a couple times.

That sounds like a very strange result. The shift behavior is dictated by the Remote Script that runs when you select the Sensel Morph as a Control Surface in the Ableton preferences. All MIDI events are passed through the Remote Script API and interpreted by the script. It doesn’t really make sense that the note would pass sometimes, and then finally work. It’s not a carburetor with a choke :slight_smile: This indicates to me that something else is going on.
What overlay are you using? Can you post a short video demonstrating the problem?

Sometimes the shift button will send a note to the synth like I said and it will even record to a midi clip…

can you post a short video?
Screencaps of your MIDI preferences in Live could help too.

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