New Bitwig Scripts - Beta


If any Bitwig users are interested, we have some new scripts for testing for Bitwig.
With the immanent release of the Buchla Thunder overlay, we decided to vastly improve the scripts, and use some new notifications from the Morph that make it easier to point your overlays to specific tracks. We also made the note mappings respect the default settings, since we did not have to restrict each overlay to a particular note range anymore.
You can now select an overlay as the input for a track, so it will ignore other overlays when armed.

Get the scripts from our GitHub repo:

  • The installers are not yet updated, so you will have to do this manually:
  • Download the zip or clone the repo
  • Put the Bitwig/SenselMorph folder in your computer’s Documents/Bitwig Studio/Controller Scripts/
  • Use the SenselApp to load the Maps from Bitwig/Overlays
  • In Bitwig Controller Preferences, turn off any other Controllers (including the Morph) and make sure you select the new scripts.

That should get you rolling. Please let us know of any bugs or problems!