Bitwig Studio and Ableton Live Script Updates

Version 1.2
You can get it from our store or from our github release page.

For Ableton Live:
Fixed a bug in shifted mode that would prevent channel send assignment from working correctly.
The overlay maps are channelized so you can dedicate an overlay to a particular track.
Map files have been re-programmed with MIDI XYZ pads so X=bend, Y=mod wheel, Z=channel pressure. This way you can do pseudo MPE stuff easily with Wavetable and Sampler’s MIDI modulation matrix. We’ve also made a “No Overlay” map so you can mess around with multi-touch ideas.
Map files have been updated, so to take best advantage of the XYZ possibilities, you’ll need to flash the Morph with new maps and install these new script files.

For Bitwig Studio:
Minor changes. We added the Innovator Overlay as an option for exclusive ports. We’ve also added a setting to the I/O panel to enable/disable on-screen notifications. We also implemented functional “User Mode” for being able to assign controls from the Innovator’s and Music Production overlays by MIDI Learn. As always, use the “with Scripts” installer unless you have Bitwig 3.2

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I do use Bitwig 3.2b3… Is it supposed to be another installer?
Is it normal that I have two “extensions”?
Screenshot 2020-04-27 17.08.37

Hi Peter,

Thanks for the updates. I recently migrated to Ubuntu, is it possible to install the updated Bitwig Studio Script under Linux? Could you point me to the right resource?

Thanks a lot.

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Is this after running the installer that you have 2 extensions? I’m guessing so. The installer “with scripts” puts the new scripts in ~/Documents/Bitwig Studio/Controller Scripts/, so the “old” one is still in the application. These new scripts will be built in to Bitwig starting at 3.2 beta 4.
As for which one to choose, I’m pretty sure it’s the top one and will auto select. You can go into ~/Documents/Bitwig Studio/Controller Scripts/SenselMorphand rename the file MorphMPE.control to something like MorphMPE_12.control to make it easier to select and be certain.

You can visit our github page and download the repo.
Navigate to sensel-controller-scripts/Bitwig/ in the repo and put SenselMorph folder in ~/Documents/Bitwig Studio/Controller Scripts/.
It pains me to say this, but you’ll need to use a Mac or Windows machine to program your Morph using the SenselApp with the correct overlay maps so it works as advertised. The overlay maps are in the repo in the sensel-controller-scripts/Bitwig/Overlays directory.

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This a reply to Peter

I agree and would hope a .deb installer could be created or at least an install script. I could created one and submit it.

I was able to install the Windows version using WINE with the command

wine SenselMorph_Bitwig_Setup_With_Scripts.exe

It creates two folders in /home/user/Documents

/home/user/Documents/Bitwig Studio
/home/user/Documents/Sensel Morph

Also, I am using Debian Buster 10.3 and the Sensel App built for Debian loads perfectly. I just ordered the Sensel Morph so haven’t tested it out but all indications are that it should work.

Hi Peter,

Thanks for your answer. I installed a Windows 10 version with Virtualbox on my Ubuntu laptop. Unfortunately the Sensel App starts but freezes to a “all grey/black” stage and doesn’t allow me to import maps :confused:… I’ll take a screenshot and post it here.

Will the overlay import work on the Linux version soon or should I look now for another machine to install the overlays?

Here it is, the beautiful grey/black screen where the app is stuck:

Hi Jeremy,

This sounds like a graphics issue. VMs are notorious for not playing well with Unity applications and unfortunately there are no real solutions.

As for Linux importing/exporting of maps, the feature does work on Ubuntu if you have a .senselmap file!

Hi Matt,

Thanks for your answer and well noted for Unity and VMs, that’s good to know in general :slight_smile:
I managed to import the appropriate maps with a Macbook Air. Regarding the Linux Sensel App, here is what Peter told me earlier in the thread:

It pains me to say this, but you’ll need to use a Mac or Windows machine to program your Morph using the SenselApp with the correct overlay maps so it works as advertised.

I tried to do so anyway with the Linux version but it didn’t work correctly indeed. I could look for the appropriate map in the “Import Map” menu, but nothing happened when I clicked on “OK” (or “Import”, not sure about the exact label of the button!).
Not sure if there was something wrong on my side or if the Linux app doesn’t actually do the job, but I thought it was worth mentioning it!

(I’m using Ubuntu 20.04)

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