Overlay designer issue - limitted to 48 buttons

The overlay designer cannot handle more than 48 buttons, while I need up to around 80 buttons for some designs I have in mind. Is there a reason for this limitation? The keyboard overlay does have around 80 keys for example.

Would be nice if the limit would be increased to at least 100 or so next release, maybe 128 is a nice maximum of what someone could ever want?


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Hey, thanks for contacting us. Yes, the next firmware release will have more areas available (likely around 100 as you said). The next firmware version will be out in a few weeks.

Thanks for the quick action, looking forward to next release then!

Hi folks. Do you have any kind of approximate timeframe for when this 48 area limit will be addressed?. I just purchased a Morph not knowing about this (undocumented?) issue and want to create a banked two-octave piano-style keyboard which requires obviously more areas than this. Kind of a showstopper at present, so I’m hoping we’re talking weeks not months, although I fully appreciate that I could use the raw API, which I could tackle (I’m a professional software engineer) but if the issue is due for resolution soon, I won’t bother. If we’re looking at months, then I might do it. Many thanks. PS: love the hardware, what an awesome device; the sensitivity is just amazing and the pressure sensor consistency across the surface is pretty good too. Keith McMillen have been fooling around with pressure sensitivity as well but sadly their technology is nowhere near at this level of sophistication. What you could accomplish working with them could be quite amazing, to be honest…

Sorry for the delay on this feature, it became tied to the release of several other features that will likely not be released until early next year. We have heard the feedback from the feedback from the community about wanting more areas and will see if this feature can be decoupled for an earlier release. Thank you for your patience and I will update when there is additional information.

yes. more buttons could certainly be helpful for some scenarios!
In the case of adjacent MIDI keys a workaround can be to just use continuous horizontal stripes and use pitch bend range (and optionally note quantization) to divide them into smaller adjacent keys.

E.g. here an example of a 24x8 grid (thus 192 keys, four times more keys than the 48 button limit :slight_smile: )

I add : A linnstrument overlay could be a big plus,
A lot of new customers could take the Morph train! And buy 2 or 4 morphs…

My version of a LinnStrument overlay would be a bit in the size of the LinnStrument areas between 7x12 and 8x13. the 24 is too narrow.
But I cannot make it. The more than 48 limit is the most urgent feature.
I do not understand why it is there at all, other overlays do have more. The limit is not in the hardware, just in the designer!

Hi Alex I just ran into this same 48 area limitation very quickly, is a fix still on the cards?
I got the morph to design some custom microtonal keyboards, and I’ve just realised every design I planned is currently impossible, so please can this be a priority!
EDIT: oops sorry! I was miscounting it is 96, but still not enough for any of my plans, any chance of doubling that some time soon? Should this maybe be a new thread, since I also wanted to raise that there seems to be no midi note 0 in the designer, with it starting from the C#-2 instead of C-2.

Never mind, just was reading wrong…

Hey! Thanks for reaching out. There are no plans on increasing from 96 in the near future, but I will make sure the team knows this would be of interest to you.


more areas to create more buttons, thanks!