Partch 43-tone scale

It’s available in the sense that the .senselmap can be downloaded via the link above and the overlay can be printed out – I simply used paper but I guess it could be cool to have a more tactile 3D printed version.

I’d be curious to see what you do with a Diamond version. It could be interesting to compare.


Hi. I have been using this and I have made a revision for my needs.
I will share it when it will be possible. Thanks.


I added some colours to the overlay after taking a closer look at the colours Partch himself added to his Chromelodeon organs.

It helps a little with navigating all those ratios! I’ll try and put together a little video soon.


How are you generating the sound?

I’ve been using the (free) AudioKit SynthOne on my iPad.

I have a video demonstrating it on my site via the link at the top of this thread.

Another possibility is the AudioDamage Continua synth, which is also available as a VST. I also have a little video demonstration of that, see: Note · Rudiger Meyer

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I’ve got Arturia Pigments so I’ll probably use that.

Uploading this again after a minor correction to one of the colours.


The yellow/blue hexagon to the left should be 10/9 not 10/11. The colors are correct.


Thanks for catching that! Here’s a fixed version:

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I’ve updated the overlay with some additions that hopefully provide a little further help with navigating all those tones. The hexagons with a thin black outline are those on which a perfect fifth can’t be built, and the two ‘alternative’ notes of the scale are indicated with a dotted outline.

I’ve put together a little video that hopefully makes it all clear:


A little more on using my Partch overlay, this time with the Buchla inspired ID700:


Thank you @RudigerMeyer! The Morph and ID700 certainly seem like a great match…

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They’re a wonderful match. One thing that would be very handy when working with microtonal scales, would be the ability to be able to set the octave buttons on the Morph to something other than 12 steps up or down – a little feature request that would make a big difference!

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Thanks for the feedback! I passed along to the team, hopefully it’s something we can implement for the next build.

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This is stellar, thanks for sharing!


Using the Partch overlay to explore different ways in which the pentatonic scale might be tuned:

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hi, how do you tune this? are you loading a scala file into the ipad synth?

The ID700 Buchla app has the Scala file for the Partch scale preinstalled, so it’s just a question of selecting it. The other iPad synth that I’ve been using is the AudioKit Synth one, which can also easily import the Partch scale from the Wilsonic app.

You can follow the way I’ve set things up through the short videos I’ve posted on my site (some of which are also in the thread above): Notes · Rudiger Meyer

N.B. If you use the ID700 the scales no longer have A as their root note, as was the case when I made the video, so some of the extra Mozaic MIDI filters are no longer needed when using the Morph overlay (unless you want octave shifts).

I never got round to posting this video that I put together I while back – on getting a handle on the ratios between the ratios of the Partch scale.

excellent work. Thank you very much for sharing your senselmap and overlay.

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