Partch 43-tone scale

The ID700 Buchla app has the Scala file for the Partch scale preinstalled, so it’s just a question of selecting it. The other iPad synth that I’ve been using is the AudioKit Synth one, which can also easily import the Partch scale from the Wilsonic app.

You can follow the way I’ve set things up through the short videos I’ve posted on my site (some of which are also in the thread above): Notes · Rudiger Meyer

N.B. If you use the ID700 the scales no longer have A as their root note, as was the case when I made the video, so some of the extra Mozaic MIDI filters are no longer needed when using the Morph overlay (unless you want octave shifts).

I never got round to posting this video that I put together I while back – on getting a handle on the ratios between the ratios of the Partch scale.

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excellent work. Thank you very much for sharing your senselmap and overlay.

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