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Hi everybody!

for those who think this text looks familiar, you are right… shameless self-plagiarism… you got me!
But fortunately musical instruments aren’t too jealous, they happily coexist here on my table :slight_smile:

As you might have heard Google+ closes doors by April. Thus we have actively been working on a “new home” for the G+ Eigenharp community over the last few days. As most of us also play other instruments of that kind we thought it would be nice to define the focus a little broader. Even though each instrument is it’s own small universe with very specific characteristics, we think that there are also a lot of specific questions and desires that we “expressive electronic instrumentalists” have in common, but that are not so relevant for e.g. keyboardists and thus general purpose musical forums.

So here it is, please welcome with us the PolyExpression forum:

It would be so nice if we all could work together making this a great place to be, sharing ideas about how to compose for these instruments, suitable synths and common tips and tricks regarding sound design, perhaps organizing some “overarching” meetups. Or working on performances together. Expressive electronic instrument orchestra anyone? All goes!

That said the purpose of these forums is of course not to replace the official support forums of the individual instruments. If you have technical questions regarding Morph or other Morph specific topics then this forum here will of course stay the place to be! Same with the Eigenlabs, Continuum, Roli, Madronalabs, RogerLinnDesign - you name it - forums.
The Morph is a special case anyways. It can be a creative and expressive musical instrument - but also so much more. PolyExpression solely focusses on the musical instrument nature of the Morph (and there mainly on the overarching aspects), so there should be little overlap with this forum here and pretty clear in most cases which posting best belongs where.

We have created a number of preliminary categories atm. Think this will evolve over time, feedback is of course highly appreciated! For the start you will also find a number of instrument specific subsections, atm. - we wanted to give people an anchor point, have a place to collect instrument specific resources etc., to allow an easy look “over the fence” for everybody. If common topics crystal out we can move to a more “overarching topic” oriented approach and introduce corresponding categories over time where it makes sense). It’s not meant to be only our personal but will become our all forum hopefully, let’s see what we make out of it! ! :slight_smile:

For those interested: The forum is currently kindly hosted by the GigPerformer dev - an avid Eigenharp player (GigPerformer is an MPE capable, scriptable live host). The forum isn’t directly related to them though, the domain is owned and the forum was fully set up by members of the community, this all is independent, non-profit, just for fun ! :slight_smile:

Thanks for your interest, hope to see you here and there!

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