Purchased Overlays (like the MP Overlay) should be able to have defined custom areas (like Innovator) independent of the physical layout

Notice how I combined 8 individual buttons on the lower left of the MP Overlay so it is instead 2 large XY Pads that extend over 4 smaller pads each? Pretty awesome, we now can feel exactly where the corners are and can feel the perfect center and axis via grooves for the X and Y without looking, which gives absolute confidence and precise XY control.

That’s what I think would make these purchased overlays worth it. Right now, Innovator is the only overlay worth working with in my opinion. However, I have a few advantageous ideas (similar to this one posted) on significant ways to extend the usefulness of purchased overlays, among other ideas – but really want this to work first.

Is there any way to ‘force’ this behavior? I feel I’ve tried everything to make it work, from doubling up innovators over the MP overlay, to trying to block the magnets, remove existing overlays in the app, etc.

Yes, it is something I asked long time ago, to turn the drum pads into full discs, but I got no answer…

I wonder what prevents to do it.
From the Sensel point of view I suppose it would not be difficult to allow it, and it will open a lot of new possibilities with the standard overlays.

There’s only 2 ways Overlays could be worth purchasing:

  1. The Overlay can be customized in ways mentioned above, which they can’t.
  2. The Overlay is ideal and perfect for the person/app as-is, which they mostly aren’t.

If I were sensel, I’d enable #1. For an app that allows so much customization, this is a no-brainer.

Another major factor – there’s dead zones around the outer edges of all Overlays (less sensitive due how it’s made) making any smaller outer pads unpredictable and of limited use:

Note the yellow highlight areas – they aren’t precise enough for anything other than on or off buttons. However, if those outside areas are part of a larger Pad/Slider (like in the first photo attached in this thread), the unavoidable inconsistencies of the edges aren’t near as problematic.

Thank you for the suggestion. We find it quite interesting and have added it to our queue of potential features we’d like to work on!

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Thanks Matt – a thought came to me on how this could work – a “Live” toggle in the sensel app maybe? Toggle on = hotswap overlays (normal functionality),
Toggle off = innovator only (or ignore magnets or however its coded).

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Thanks! I’ll pass this along to the software team as well :slight_smile:

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