Record Sensel touch array

Hallo :slight_smile:
Is there a tool or code etc. that I can use to record the touch matrix and write it in a CSV file and safe this to the computer?
Like a biiiig matrix that has every sensel as a collumn and every frame as a row.

Highly appreciated!

The only out of the box solution for this is to use Cycling '74 Max and use the jit.sensel object. This outputs the force image as a matrix of floating point numbers. You can record a set of matrices with the jit.matrixset object, and you can view the contents with jit.cellblock.
However, the jit.sensel object isn’t the fastest - there’s definitely going to be some dropped frames if that matters.

Other than that, there’s probably some tools in python that can capture the force image as an uncompressed image or movie container. I’m not well versed in that, however.

Probably something like NymPy would be your best bet

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