Accessing Force Array in Processing?

Hello, I’d like to access the force array in the processing API. How can I achieve this, please?


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Hello Matt,

Thank you for contacting us. Currently it is not possible get access to the force data via the processing API, but can via our C, C++, Python and C# API I will follow up on this thread when this feature has been made available.

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Disappointing to learn this-- but really appreciate the speedy response. Keeps me from spinning my wheels. I’ll look forward to that update-- Thanks Alex

Is there any chance to get full protocol specification for your tablet (without spending time to capture data and decode it) ?
The current API is lacking some features, such as faster low level API for circular buffer support with events and proper memory alignment.

Since this post, 3.5 years have passed.
Is there now a way to acces the force array? Like have a 180x105 matrix auf values, representing the force applied to the corresponding pixel?

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