Send MPE without triggering a note in Ableton

I’m trying to map an XYZ mpe pad to parameters in Ableton and play notes on my normal midi keyboard. Currently I can’t find a way to send MPE data to Ableton without triggering a note, if you choose note Off in MPE XYZ mode, it simply cancels out the MPE data. If you choose Midi XYZ, Ableton doesn’t receive the MPE data like slide, expression, or whatever you set it to. It only receives Aftertouch.

With the Expression Control Maxforlive device you can map Slide, Expression, Aftertouch to any parameter in live, such as Rack macro knobs or whatever parameters in VSTs that you want. I pretty much purchased this thing to use as an XYZ MPE pad in Ableton but it seems like this is a limitation currently?

Love the thing though, thanks.

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