How do I create an MPE MIDI Keyboard?

Ok - I can see MIDi channel, note number, CC assignments (and Ploy + ChAT etc) but what I would;ld like to do is slide/glide up and down vertically and assign that to it’s own CC value … surely this is possible but I’m sorry, I can’t decipher it.
Any help would be greatly received. I’m already using AfterTouch for one CC value and of course Pitch Bend is enabled but where are the MPC values for each note ?

Many thanks in advance…

If you want a control to work as an MPE control, thereby respecting the channel rotation for voice allocation, you need to assign it the type “MPE XYZ Pad.” This is different from a “MIDI XYZ Pad” where the MIDI channel is fixed to a set channel.

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Many thanks for picking this up.

Loving the Sensel by the way - has become my favourite controller, I’m even typing this reply using the Sensel.

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