Thunder Overlay + Abl9. Can't use two sliders simultaneously

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I’m pretty gear dense so bear with me. I’ve long had certain finicky problems with CC polyphony on the Morph in Ableton Live. I’m using it as a straight ahead midi controller, and whenever I have multiple things mapped as CCs (on the x-y-z pads for example) it more often than not acts sorta monophonic – if I’m using pad A’s Y parameter for an effect (set up in macros) I can’t control pad B’s mapped parameter at the same time. I have to release my finger to use the other. This is often (but not always) true of playing notes and using a pad CC at the same time as well – its like I have to stop playing notes, tap and “wake up” the CC and then it will start working. Obviously not ideal.

Do these problems sound familiar to anyone? Something obvious perhaps?

Much appreciated,

MIDI CC’s are actually single Continuous Controller commands. For example, the Modulation Wheel CC 1 is one single command.
I guess what you want is to use MIDI MPE. With MPE you can use CC 74 for each note, resulting in ‘polyphonic’ MIDI CC, as well as polyphonic pitch bend and polyphonic aftertouch. I read that the recent Ableton Live version (version 11 I guess) supports MIDI MPE, but I don’t know how to set it up. And it’s not only the Live version, a virtual instrument capable of understanding MPE is needed.

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Thanks for your response, but I’m still confused. I just want to use two CCs at the same time…pads in this case… and this can’t be done? I have used many Midi controllers through which one can obviously twist two knobs, controlling two different mapped parameters, at once…

Again literally just trying to send two CC messages simultaneously, using pads or sliders

This does not sound familiar. Can you share a video of the setup and the result maybe? A screen shot of the MIDI assignments chart (press cmd-M and the chart will be in the top left).

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