1 single MPE XYZ pad : polyphony limited to 7 notes?

When using 1 single MPE XYZ pad (as shown in “multitouch from MPE” example in your Github https://github.com/sensel/C74-Max-Examples ) , polyphony seems to be limited to 7 notes.

Is this a known limitation ?
it’s not documented.

a maximum of 7 notes are sent (on 7 different MIDI channels).
If you add an 8th finger on the Morph, cc (and pitch bend, …) are sent on channel 8, but no note ON message is sent.

when you release this 8th finger, a note off is sent on channel 8.

9th (and more) fingers are just completely ignored.

Thanks for this. I can reproduce. Thankfully, we have a minor firmware update coming soon that will address this.

this issue occurs only if X Y and Pressure send (14bit ?) cc.
With a single pad sending “real” MPE (Pitch Bend, CC74 and channel aftertouch, polyphony is ok.

thanks for the fix, looking forward next firmware upgrade.

Same issue for me - glad to know this issue isn’t just with my unit!