MPE is not the only way for 3D music control!


dear SENSEL team:

MPE is not the only way for 3D music control !

ok, MPE is an excelent idea as a commercial standard
but only for some specific situations where standard polyphony is searched,

but not all of us want to go thru MPE but still want to use all 3 dimensions of control for each zone or pad

i personally have no need for the channel to jump when i use poly-phonically several pads at the same time.

128 CC are plenty enough for me and i want them on one single channel
or in any case on channels i specify myself for each CC.

so would you PLEASE at least add a mode in the Music Production Overlay’s MIDI CC configurator to allow us to assign a different CC to all the 3 dimensions of the 16 pads and for the two horizontal bars, all of it staying out of the MPE mode ?

in the actual MIDI CC mode you only allow one single CC for each pad’s trig and Z (pressure),
the X and Y dimensions are sadly ignored… why ?

you maybe could call this mode “3d MIDI CC MODE” or something like that…

in this mode i would want to assign whatever CC and MIDICHANNEL to each X,Y and Z dimension of each pad, slide or button of the Music Production Overlay ( or any other overlay in fact) and if possible even some parameters to specify a RANGE and steps divisions in the values for each individual dimension

then that would be a serious configurator for music while waiting for the promised tool to design our own layouts with hopefully freely shape-able overlapped zones with any wished kind of control type and range process to it

thank you



Hello, thank you for the suggestion. We will look into adding something like this in the future. For this application, is there a specific reason for having a channel for “each X, Y and Z” or could the same channel be used for all 3?


hello Alex, thank you for taking this in consideration

i can see many cases where i can need to control different parameters with one same pad going to several plugins at the same time or midi channels or even different physical instruments.

i often like to build “macros” where many layers of parameters are changed from one single control but having diferent ranges and steps. one sound moving in one direction while other doing something else, doing sorts of sound “morphings”

of course one single channel for each pad could also work for all 3 dimension (plus the note trigger),
i can do my complicated redirections inside Reaktor but the important thing is that this channel keep being fixed no matter of how many pads are pressed, unlike what happens in MPE

i think the more configuration freedom you give us, the more sense it makes to use Sensel Morph as a music controller

i really hated to see the Morph reduced to a simple drum machine or a silly piano.
good to see how the Sensel App have evolved,

the Sensel Morph is THE definitive controller and it deserves to be used as complexly as any one wishes

i can’t wait for the Overlay Designer program to be released !
is there any clue of when the beta will be there to try?


And… the more sense it makes to use Sensel Morph to control other things, as well. Visuals are the most obvious application, and most VJ apps allow the use of MIDI controller messages to control various aspects of the visuals.


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