Soloing a CC on Thunder overlay for Ableton

I am sorry if this has been covered here. Couldn’t find anything about it by searching the forum. The manual doesn’t say anything about it either.

As some of you will know, Ableton only has a learn function for assigning MIDI CCs to parameters. A Thunder XYZ pad sends three CCs at once. I can turn the pressure off using the dedicated button on the Morph (velocity off). But I could not find a way of isolating X and Y CCs to assign them to parameters in Live. Is there a way of “soloing” a CC/axis?

I’m refering to MIDI XYZ pads, not MPE ones.


This is buried in the docs under the heading MIDI Mapping XYZ Controls.

Unfortunately, it’s a pretty ugly answer. In short, you have to disable the Y and Z axes in SenselApp when assigning X, and so on.

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Thanks. Yeah, it’s a pretty ugly answer. It’s not even an answer, as far as I am concerned. KMI QuNeo has a pretty good solution to this. Perhaps something similar could be implemented on the Morph. Otherwise, all my plans for using it to build tailor-made instruments in Ableton Live will disappear as I really don’t want to have to map CCs like this every time I want to change a mapping.

But then, Ableton’s MIDI learn system is also pretty outdated. Perhaps the best way is to simply use Max for Live inside Ableton.

I agree, I hope Sensel improves this in a future firmware update. Even better, I wish Ableton would improve its handling of multiple CCs in MIDI mapping mode, or even just let you edit the CC number manually.

If you use the control surface script and overlay map built for Live 11, then it automatically maps the XYZ pads to the first six controls of the selected device. If you put your instrument in a rack with six macros, then right-click the rack’s title bar and lock it to the Morph control surface, it is pretty usable that way.

I remember asking Ableton to implement this more than a decade ago. They’re a bit slow. They’ll catch up with this by Live 14.

I believe this has been covered some while ago in the Ableton forums. All you have to do is press COMMAND-Z after mapping. Repeating the process will toggle through all the sent parameters. So e.g., if you send an XYZ MIDI control that carries MIDI CC 20, 21, and 22, you’ll probably get the last one with the first swipe (22); in order to assign CC20, you hit COMMAND-Z twice and voilà. Not sure how this would work with note data included (if you wanted to map the latter), will have to test that.

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I deleted my previous reply after realizing it contained my phone numbers :)))

And this solution actually works much easier than I initially feared.

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