Ableton Live 11 Controls vs. MIDI CC's in SenselApp

I am using a Morph with the Buchla Thunder overlay, the Live 11 remote script, and the Thunder Ableton MPE map. In this map, Live 11’s transport controls (among other things) are mapped to MIDI Note Buttons (play is F-2, stop is F#-2, etc.) How do I know what notes or CC’s correspond to Ableton Live’s transport controls? I can’t find any list anywhere that explains what corresponds to what (such as CC 74 corresponding to Slide).

Also, when using the hexagon XYZ pads in Wavetable, the pads are mapped to certain CC’s (21, 22, 23) and controlling certain parameters in Wavetable’s matrix by default, but I have no way to tell what CC numbers correspond to those parameters in the matrix - how to know what to assign to what if I want to customize?

This needs to be made clear. How do we know how to customize our maps if we have no idea what CC’s or notes correspond with the parameters or transport controls in Live?

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Obsessively conducted more research. This seems to be rather different than the old pick-a-channel, pick-a-CC walkie-talkie thing I’ve been used to.

Trying to read the official MPE standard made my head spin. MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE) Specification Adopted! -  

A typically short article by Steinberg reinforced what I gleaned from it: MIDI Controllers

“The standard recommends to use exclusively the MIDI channel messages pitchbend, aftertouch, and CC74 to control individual notes.”

So the Sensel Morph, by default, is utilizing standardized CC’s from the MIDI Manufacturers Association in the way a sustain pedal does - and so is Wavetable, for that matter, in labelling their MPE matrix parameters simply ‘Note PB’, ‘Slide’, and ‘Press’ - even though you can map any parameter to those three.

The transport button assignment and hexagon pad assignment defaults, I still can’t figure out.

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